A quick look back


It’s been such awhile since I’ve started scanlation. Okay maybe a few years, but to my ever forgetful self, its pretty long. Forgive me if the images aren’t entirely relevant, I’m posting from my phone and these are taken from my imgur.

The first time I really tried to “scanlate” was on an anonymous group’s Puella Magi Kazumi release. I really liked Madoka and Oriko, and to a certain extent, Kazumi too. For a chapter or two, the person working on Kazumi opened up the release to the public to work on. A booru was set up and anyone was welcome to download the raws off the booru and clean/typeset it. It was the first time I tried, and it was also the first time I failed. I made one of the gravest mistakes anyone could have made, and I’m pissed if people do it now. Over filtering. Parts of my redrawing work were spliced into the release in the end, I was satisfied with that.


The anonymous group, or person, soon stopped the booru and my interest in Kazumi waned. I went on to look for something that really interested me, something I would be happy spending my time on. I found Sankarea and the family at simple scans. The way the story was spun was fresh, falling in love with a zombie? Unheard of! I loved it, I wanted other people to love it.

I’ve seemed to have left out one of the most important parts of this story, why I spent my hours doing this. I was never a good storyteller, I didn’t write the most convincing stories, I couldn’t draw anything of worth. But I wanted to make other people feel these emotions I  have felt from manga. If people were happy, if they were in the slightest bit entertained by my work on a manga. Then I think my time has been well spent, I don’t need recognition for my work, I don’t need worldly incentives for my time. In the end I just wanted people to smile.

I don’t reckon people think heavily on their comments on the internet. But for me, a simple “the story was cool!”, “I really liked ___”, and “thank you”. Is payment enough.


Kancolle is (not) kill


Who would’ve thought? After DMM’s login servers caught fire 2 times during the night of the patch, they quietly stopped APIs from timing out. Of course one of the servers decided to spontaneously combust the next day too, but we still have our APIs intact. On to this week in Kancolle news. Well not really this week, but I wanted to do a write up before this Wednesday’s maintenance.

API digging has revealed that all flagship enemies, except for battleship Ta-class (30), have 20 luck. Perhaps they’re calculating the chance of cut-ins differently for enemies, or that their equipment is boosting their chance. Who knows, really. You can check that and other enemy stats out here. http://www51.atpages.jp/kancolledb/

The general consensus is that the Midway event will not be during February due to the speculated Valentines day mini-event. Of course this theory revolves around the fact that DMM will not be utter jerks and throw our newly wed Admiral-Ship couples into the endless meat-grinder that is Midway.

There are no patches this week, but there will be a maintenance and upgrade of the login server. Cross your fingers and hope they don’t limit out APIs again. Though tweets highly suggest that they will ;_;.However, there will be a patch next week, it will most probably be the patch that will bring in the valentine’s day content.

There haven’t been any news about an event for valentines at all, if news of it doesn’t come this week it would be rather weird. Unless they want to do the whole surprise thing of course. The Fall of Singapore falls a day after Valentine day. So perhaps we’re fighting the shore batteries on Singapore to get our wedding ring? Though it was pretty much an IJA show all throughout. History be damned.
ss (2014-02-03 at 09.41.33)
KCV has been updated to include the simple logging function once again and a new rankings tab was added that allows you to see… The rankings.

DMM’s ToS indicates that you have to be 18 years of age apparently.

Kancolle is kill


For all the worries that everyone had, be it an account ban or a foreign IP block. I don’t think anyone would have expected this. We’ll see how this plays out, and hopefully there’ll be a tweet from the devs about this tomorrow morning. Until then, bear with the inconvenience or go to sleep. Calling it quits after a small issue like this is disgraceful and you should commit sudoku if you do quit, don’t do it! Play on your browser for now.

If you don’t know what’s happening right now, here’s what.

Update: The staff twitter has confirmed that this was an intended feature to stop 3rd party programs and botters. APIs don’t reset now, but you probably know that already.

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Credit pages?

【yae】 狼ト生キル[84409] - 朝潮「一発必中、肉薄するわ!」 (38099484)

Illustration may or may not be relevant.

I was thinking about credit pages for scanlations, and frankly I’ve been quite confused as to what exactly is their purpose. I’ve been mechanically doing up credit pages for each release, and I’m not sure why or who I’m making them for. Of course, if there were to be zero credits on who exactly did the it, then people might question if or if not the credits have been ripped out, right? That could lead to some troublesome situations not to the group that worked on it but for wherever else it might have been found, not good nonetheless…

So then we come to who exactly cares about the information on them? I don’t foresee readers looking at the translator’s moniker on the credits page and saying “Oh! The translations were so fluid, I had a feeling it was him!”, or editors (much less for QCers, no offense > <). The only purpose of the credits then, from my point of view, is to inform other people in the scanlation scene of who worked on it. I can’t think of many reasons why you would actually need to know the individual, most of the time you would probably want to contact the group itself.

While I was browsing through *cough* wikipedia *cough* for some sources on scanlations and the lot, I came across a paper which summarized the purpose of credit pages as “… to help them earn bragging rights and prestige from their work …”. The paper was mostly from an analytic point of view on the scanlations themselves, but it is a logical conclusion after all. Maybe it was in the past, but it certainly feels like tradition now, from the short time I was at Simple Scans and of course working with my friends at FMNL Scans. As for me, I couldn’t care less about any other voice besides the author of the work. And I’m still deeply saddened we don’t get to work with the doujin authors themselves to get their work digitally distributed to a non-Japanese audience ; w; I would gladly do such work for free if the authors get the revenue from the ads, under the assumption it was released in a free to read form of course, which certainly isn’t the case with the big publishing houses nowadays.

From now onwards, I’ll probably just leave our logo, which is pretty much just our name typeset in Lithos Pro, and our URL. I’ll probably work out a way to fit the romanised title of the work along with the translated title somewhere in there. Meanwhile, I’ll be getting that final upgrade in Cookie Clicker.

omfg cookies

RWBY Episode 2

"The Shining Beacon"

“The Shining Beacon”

Episode 2 is out! I know I’m a little, just a little, bit slow. Since I live on the other side of the world, with respect to America, it can’t really be helped ~ Alas, I wish this episode would last a little longer, but I’ll talk about that later. In fact, for such a short episode there is much to talk about!  Continue reading


warframe wallThat’s right! Warframe is now one of my favourite time-sinks, aside from the usual stuff like Dota 2 and games I happen to pick up. I’ll mostly be writing about the game from the tip of the iceberg, to somewhere under the water. I don’t know everything okay, I’m not a developer. But suffice to say, this will be a rather lengthy post and I might write more in the future. Continue reading