Kamidori -Alchemy Meister-

God Catching Alchemy Meister, but more commonly known as Kamidori, is a SRPG (that’s Stratergy Role-Playing Game) from Eushully that has been recently translated by Seiha Translations. And I just about “finished it” like yesterday. Read on for summary, and yes, it’s 18+ Scroll to the end to see my total game time.


Kamidori is a RPG based on the fictitious medieval-esque  world of Dir Lifyna. The protagonist of the story, Wilfred Dion, starts off in his hometown of Yuidora and is about to enter the alchemists’ guild. Along his way up the ranks of the alchemy guild, Wilfred, or known simply as Wil, meets a wide variety of characters with races ranging from Elves to Angels that joins his cause to help the different races get along with each other and fulfill his duty of being an alchemist by helping others with their requests. There are 3 routes with 3 different endings in Kamidori that is dependent on the girl you choose, Yuela, Serawi or Emelita. And yes the endings really are different unlike *cough* ME3 *cough*… Anyway, character introductions!


The 3 heroines from left to right, Yuela, Serawi, Emelita and finally Wilfred himself.

Well if you know your stereotypes well enough you could tell at a glance what kind of character they have… It’s not too hard really. If it’s not that obvious to you I’ll state it out. Yuela’s the one with dark hair and wielding a sword, she’s the kuudere kind. Emelita’s the pink haired loli, boisterous and full of energy. Serawi’s the… Well the elf with the assets, she has got the part of the motherly character.


Now, on to the story and other characters, there are a total of 30 playable characters that you have in your party. That’s quite a bunch, and for each of them there’s a little bit of story and events, some characters are more important to the story of course, while others are just there for you to work your arses off to get them. To add to that, only 16 characters are available on  your first game. So you could say there is a lot of grinding replayability. Now for some spoiler-free synopsis of the 3 routes. Yuela’s route is about her and her country, Disnafrody. There isn’t much else I can say without spoiling stuff other then Disnafrody is the Japan of the game world. Serawi’s route is, unsurprisingly, about her and the Elves, but without a general antagonist. Probably the most “friendly” route heh. Emelita’s route is about the Milkety Union in general and Yuidora’s past, with a rather shocking antagonist. I played Yuela’s route first and the antagonist was a huge suprise on Emelita’s route.


There’s deployment, turn-based actions that you would expect of a SRPG. Attacks are executed 1 on 1 style where if you attack an enemy it would be just like a battle between the 2, with the attacker having the preemptive. However, after choosing either a normal attack or a skill you have no control over the ensuing mini-battle. The battle will be one-sided, ie the player is the only one attacking with the opponent doing nothing but taking the hits, if the opponent is unable to fight back. For example melee to range and vice versa etc etc.

Each character has 2 accessory slots, 1 weapon slot and 5 skill slots. 5 skill slots sounds like much but most of the time it would be filled up with passives instead of active skills. In the case of main heroines one accessory slot is used up for their clothes, which you can acquire more and upgrade each of them to get stat bonuses and skills(which can be used across all the clothes). Oh and not to mention the H-scene you get for upgrading a certain clothes to a point. Weapons and accessories can contain a passive or active skill as well. Though the main heroines have more skills to choose from since they have their clothes. You own an alchemy workshop in the game and can sale your products through your shop. However the sales are based entirely on stats of the shop and clerks themselves, compared to Recettear it isn’t that fun of course , the sales are also pathetic until chapter 5 and onwards. You sell like one item every 5 days if you’re lucky.


Kamidori has decently likable characters, real long gametime. The mechanics aren’t revolutionary per say but I enjoyed the game enough to finish it completely. With 48 H-scenes available it would take some time to unlock them all. If you like JRPGs and SRPGs you should at least give Kamidori a shot. Look elsewhere for romance and deep plots, not that there is much deep plots around nowadays anyway…

Useful links

English patch from Seiha Translations

Kamidori Wikia

Download the game?

So about my game time… Each time you do a New Game + the game time resets, so just add all these saves up.

I don’t like putting numbers to games reviews.


15 comments on “Kamidori -Alchemy Meister-

  1. Kai says:

    That game time’s shit crazy.. lol. I would had able to handle it back then, but now that I’m working, I don’t have THAT much time. I only managed to finish Yuela’s route (first playthrough) and I’m thinking of stopping here temporarily.. perhaps I will try out Serawi’s route next time..

    • kyoukaya says:

      IMO, Yuela’s route is still the best. If I didn’t say that in my post already. I don’t often post since I’m usually either gaming or studying or staring at clear blue skies. Even so, my term has just started so things might change when the shit really hits the fan.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Are there any clue regarding their routes??

  3. Bódy says:

    nice article pal, Congratulations

  4. sakurazakii says:

    nice grinding you did thar nuuby

  5. Anonymous says:

    I want to get in serawi’s route but I keep getting in yuela’s route instead eventhough I do nothing to get on her route except maybe level Aht up but thats it any advice.

    • kyoukaya says:

      Requirements for Serawi route:
      “Aht joined
      Suina joined
      Crayl joined
      View her event when given the option in chapter 2 or 3”

      And basically don’t respond to Yuela’s event, I recall it was watching her do a morning training or something. More info can be found here btw http://games.seiha.org/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=102

      • Anonymous says:

        How do I get on serawi’s route I keep getting on yuela’s route eventhough I pass up the choice to deepen yuela relationship and I have suina crayl and aht.

        • kyoukaya says:

          If you didn’t go with Yuela on that choice you should be either going to Emelita or Serawi’s route already. *there’s only like 2 chances you will get to make a choice between girls…*

          Either that or your game is bugging up or something.

        • Anonymous says:

          Hey thanks I uninstalled it deleted all files and re downloaded it and it works great.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I seem to have missed the quest to recruit one of the characters. Do you know if I can recruit her on NG?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi i was wondering how can i get Uya to join my party? Also i saw serawi measurement scene, aht, crayl and suina joined my party does that mean i am in Serawi route but i picked to get closer to Yuela. if i am in Serawi how do i get back to Yuela’s route?

    • kyoukaya says:

      Uya joins after fulfilling some of Kohakuren’s requests, the second or third one I think. It’s certainly been a long while… Anyway, measurement scenes don’t really mean anything, I got all three on my first playthrough and got Yuela. You can’t change your route once you are on it btw.

  8. Justin says:

    This game is CHOCK full of content. Each of the three routes vary in what dungeons/items you have access to, and the additional stuff New Game+ offers adds so much more volume it could easily be equal to the content of a normal character route.
    I like being a perfectionist and eventually reached 100% in CGs, Items/Equips/Furnitures/Store Levels, Lv100 on all my characters with maxed out stats by farming/using enhancement stones (except Lily/Leguna/Stone Golem, Still Lv1), and roughly 90% of all dungeons’ objectives are all completed.
    All that took four playthroughs which clocked in around ~280 hours total (not counting the wasting of 5~10hrs during my first New Game+, as removing the level cap made my underleveled party even more outclassed).

    Enough about my experiences with the game. Bottom line is if you’re into SRPGs and have a LOT of time, I strongly recommend this game. The bare minimum amount of hours needed to just clear through one character route would be 45~50 hours (that’s having characters at levels barely adequate to clear through mandatory dungeons/bosses that you sometimes have to rely on luck). All three PLUS the New Game+ exclusive would net you around ~200 hours.
    Achieving 100% completion on everything and maxing out your characters will take another 80~100 hours.

    Good Luck everyone.

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